Aaron is the Chief Investment Officer for Independent Financial Partners (IFP), a Registered Investment Advisor located in the Tampa Bay area.

Prior to joining IFP, Aaron started his career in 2008 as a financial advisor for high net worth individuals at Koss Olinger Financial Group in Gainesville, Florida. While there, he constructed client portfolios, developed advanced retirement plans, estate plans, excel databases/models for economic and market analysis, and led an investment advisory committee. Mr. Gilman is a seasoned high net worth portfolio manager with a specialized focus in practical application of fintech and behavioral finance with the goal of smarter financial decision-making.

Aaron Gilman conducts analytical research and due diligence for all investment types, portfolio analysis and construction, portfolio management, and directs all activities in IFP’s Asset Management Group. He serves as the head of the IFP Investment Advisory Committee.

Aaron Gilman in the News

Buy or bye? Gatekeepers warn on fund shop M&A

Aaron speaks about acquisitions, looking out for clients, and specialists firms. In his opinion, when smaller specialist fund shops are acquired, he starts looking elsewhere to maintain his status of being a fiduciary.

3 Things to Know About Immediate Annuities

Aaron discusses annuities from an analytical investing standpoint. Are they worth it? Will a client live long enough to make a return? 

Is a Real Estate Investment Trust Right for You?

Aaron discusses and defines Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Although traditional traded REITs can be bought like stocks, non-traded REITs are bought privately. In recent years there are also mutual funds and ETFs for REITs.